About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Heat Treatment company and having various Heat Treatment facilities. Avdhoot Heat Treat Pvt. Ltd. Formerly known as Industrial Heat Treaters & Induction Hardening Company was established in In the year 1980, Mr. Prakash Pol having Metallurgical background has started Industrial Heat Treaters and gradually the company graph started moving upwards. In the year 1988 another company has been established named, Induction Hardening Company. In 1996 his son Mr. Vineet Pol has join with a very dynamic approach to move ahead from the present position of both the companies.

Year 2010 proved mile stone in this company’s history. Avdhoot heat Treat Pvt Ltd. established with innovative ideas of Mr. Vineet and in a very short span of time he had decided to merge both the companies under the huge roof of “AVDHOOT”.

Mr. Prakash Pol has taken Chairmanship on his experienced shoulder and Mr. Vineet, who always believes only on latest technology, has taken the core responsibility as a Managing Director.

Initially the company provided the various heat treatment processes such as controlled atmosphere hardening, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, & nitro-carburizing in fluidized Bed Furnace along with the pit type forced air circulation Tempering Furnace & vaccum hardening.

In 1997 to specialize the activity Shaker Hearth Furnace was installed to cater to the fastener industry. In next four years the demand was increased so such, that the company installed 2 Mesh Belt Furnaces to meet the increasing demand.

Simultaneously in 2001 and 2005 Pit type Gas Carburizing Furnaces were added to the set up to widen the variety of services. These furnaces produce the component which requires carburizing or hardening or both. These achievements were not up to the satisfaction of the management so the management installed 4 Nos. of vertical retort forced air circulation Tempering Furnace & continuous Mesh Belt Tempering Furnace. In up gradation to measure & control the quality / performance further management had established Quality Management System and was certified for ISO 9001:2008 certification in the year 2000.

Keeping in view the continual improvement management has developed a laboratory & provides the facilities for the inspection with full-fledged physical and chemical metallurgical laboratory. Recently in the year 2009 we have introduced Liquid Nitriding furnace to serve the customer's need for the improvement of surface properties.

Our Mission

To establish heat treatment processes and services to enhance customer satisfaction of various types of Industries under one roof. Improve Customer Satisfaction Index, Improve Productivity, Increase Customer Base, Technical Improvements.

Our Policy

Avdhoot Heat - Treat Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide Heat Treatment service which meet or exceed Customer Expectations, adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements.

We strive and achieve this by.

Establishing & Reviewing Quality Objectives.

Continually improve te effectiveness of QMS.

Promotion of QMS awareness among the Employees.

Our Team

The company has a dedicated team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced metallurgists and engineers, working towards quality improvement, innovation and product development at par with global competitive standards to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Strengths

We are one of the leadin One Stop Company for all Heat Treatment Services with tyhe latest state-othe-art Technologies.Machinaries and highly skilled and ecperienced Manpower .

Avdhoot Heat Treat Pvt.Ltd is AS 9100C & ISO 9001:2008 cerified cpmpany and upholds the highest quality standard in the industry. We have well-equiped in house testing facilities and all processes are continually recorded by a data logging system.

We have earned a reputatio of quick response and excellent customer service because of the dedicated 100+ employees which includes qualified Metallurgists and Engineers.

The Company has an impeccable Safety Record as it has developed and maintains a safety program with clear guidelines and detailed procedures to ensure a zero accident zone.

The Company also has Full Fledged in house metallurgical Laboratory with all NDT & DT facilities wnsuring high level of quality standard in productiion which caters to major OEM'S & their vendors.

Company Milestones

• 1980 : Company established with Fluidized Bed Furnace for Carburizing, Carbonitriding and Nitriding.

• 1997 : Shaker Hearth Furnace added to cater fastener industry.

• 2001 : Pit type Gas Carburizing Furnace added.

• 2005 : One more pit type Gas Carburizing Furnace added.

• 2011 : Vacuum Furnace installed for tool and die heat treatment.

• 2015 : Certified with AS9100C TUV Nord.

• 2016 : Sealed Quench Furnace and Plasma Nitriding Furnace installed.

• 2018 : Certified with IATF 16949 TUV Nord.

Company Achievments

ISO 9001 from the year of 2000 by TUV.

Accerediation with AS9100C TUV Nord.

We have been awarded by Atals Copco India Ltd.for significant Industrial Contribution & Outstanding Support.

We have been awarded by Mahindra & Mahindra for Special Process as per defined scope.

ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016

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